Asia Landscaping Limited (the “Company”) was formed in 1981and established in 1982.


In 1983, the “Company” was confirmed by the Hong Kong Government to be included on the Lands and Works’ List of Specialist Contractors under the categories of Landscaping and Planting Class I & Class II (Group II) and Suppliers/ Contractor of  Hydroseeding / Turfing for unlimited area.


Since 1982 under Hong Kong's booming economy, the “ Company” rapidly expanded its contracting activities particularly in the field of planting, hydroseeding, maintenance and supply of plant materials from its own nursery.


The “Company’s” first large project was the undertaking of landscape works for Highways Department Sha Tin highway to Tai Po Trunk Road commenced from 1982. Consequently, the “Company" engaged to hundreds of contracts controlled by the government departments (i.e., ASD, Highways, TDD, etc.)


The “Company” is also a Hong Kong Housing Authority & Society’s Approved Contractor for New works Group II (Confirmed Status) with numerous contracts completed.

In addition to the above, the almost every major institutional clients, tenderers lists including as listed on the later part of this company background.


The “Company” has over the years undertaken literally hundreds of private residential projects ranging in scop0e from garden, parks, water features, pergolas, timber decking, tree transplanting/ surgery, protection, and maintenance to garden design.


The “Company” has a permanent adequate site workforce of horticulturists, technicians, well-experienced project managers/ site foremen/ safety supervisors, project coordinators and skilled workers as project team members which is supplemented with specialist sub-contract labour teams when necessary.


The “Company” has its own nursery located at Shunde, China with total area over 500 acres (333,000m2)with more 200 nursery workers to keep production/ daily maintenance which are also involved to landscape projects in China.  Apart from ordinary species, the nursery also produces rare species imported from Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, etc.


In recognition of the importance that both the “Company” and the Hong Kong Government place upon Site Safety and quality related matters, the “Company” has developed its own Policy and Manual related to the type of works being undertaken.


Management System Assessment and Certification

To improve and ensure quality, in year 2003, the “Company” had established an ISO team and earned the certification of its Management Quality System that complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2000.

In addition, in year 2005 the “Company” has established a Safety/ Environmental Team and earned the following ISO certificates:

ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System
OHSAS 18001:1999 Health & Safety Management System

 which is now the Integrated Management System consisting three (3) management systems on Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety that comply with the requirements of their respective IMS/ISO International Standard requirements. The first company ever in Hong Kong landscaping industry to be assessed and certified with all three (3) standards simultaneously.

PCICB Registration

In year 2004, the “Company” had applied through PCICB Registration Limited and approved to be included in the List of Contractors under the trade of 02.09 Specialist of Soft Landscaping: Registration No.R00078 effective 14-March-2004.


Member of "Friends of the Earth"

To Protect the environment, in 2005, the “Company” has joined as member of Friends of the Earth in order to contribute our effort for the protection of environment.

Disneyland and Other Major Projects

In year 2001, the “Company” has been awarded the Penny's Bay Disney Project.  All the plants were sourced and purchased from Southeast Asia including China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the plants were delivered by Air from the United States of America.  For hydroseeding seeds of trees/ flowers/ grass/ were by air from Australia, Mexico, Africa, New Zealand and India.

In year 2005, the completed the Disneyland project which the Theme Park has its grand opening on 12th September 2005.

 Since the year 1982, the “Company” completed single large projects follows:


Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre


University of Science & Technology


The Hong Kong Park


Hong Kong Cultural Centre


Hong Kong University


Happy Valley


Tuen Mun Gold Coast Hotel


Tai Po Waterfront Park 2001
Penny's Bay - Disneyland 2005
Cyber port 2006

Crusie Terminal


Science Park


Lok Wao Sha


Clear Water Bay Residentail


New World Remodelling



Setup of “Asia Landscaping (Macau) Ltd.”


In year 2005, the “Company” setup a subsidiary company in Macau registered as “Asia Landscaping (Macau) Ltd.” In anticipation for the “Venetian Macau” project which is our first step to expand our business in Macau, China.


Setup of “ Asia Landscaping (Foshan China) Ltd.”

In year 2006, the company in setup another subsidiary company in China.  The “Company” has a plan to aggrandize its business in China.  The subsidiary's nursery has been setup in Yan Shen, Shanghai, China.



Approved Supplier/specialist Contractors for Public works (Environment, Transport and works Bureau)


Today, apart from being on the Contractor's List of Large Main Contractor companies, we are also on the Approved List of Supplier/Specialist Contractor for Public works under the following Hong Kong government departments for the works category, class and group for which we are approved:

Architectural Services Department (ASD)

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)

Building Department (BD)

Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)

Department of Health(DH)

Drainage Services Department (DSD)


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department(EMSD)

Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

Highways Department (HD)

Fire Services (FSD)

Highways Department (HD)

Home Affairs Department (HAD)

Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA)

Lands Department (LD)

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)

Transport Department (TD)

Water Supplies Department (WSD)

Government Logistics Department (GLD)

Home Affairs Department (HAD)

Hong Kong & China Gas (HKCG)

Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF)

MTR Corporation (MTRC)

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)

Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS)

Lands Department (LD)

Hospital Authority

CLP Power

Pacific Century Property Development (PCPD)


Food & Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD)


The Hong Kong Jockey Club (FEHD)


The Hong Kong University (HKU)


The Chinese University (HKCU)


Airport Authority (AA)



Organization Chart


Management of Asia Landscaping Ltd. believes that its business success depends upon its ability to meet clients' requirement for safety, environment and quality, and regulation and statutory requirements for every project.  We are committed to the following policy:

"Provide Excellent Quality Services

Achieve Greatest Customer's Satisfaction

Provide a "Zero Accident" Working Environment

Strive for Protection of Environment

Continue Improving the Effectiveness of Integrated Management System

in order to keep the company more competitive"

Measures are taken to ensure that the Company's objective and requirements are understood at all levels in the Company.  At all times the Company strives to:

●   Fulfill customer's requirements through providing quality services and quality products.

●   Provide Personal Protective Equipment to employees as dictated by their respective job descriptions.

●   Train new and existing staff to understand their role and responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

●   Provide program to inspect work areas regularly to identify and eliminate unsafe work conditions or harmful practices to environment.

●   Ensure the responsibility on safety and environmental issue are shared amongst all employees to promote the safety and environmental protection culture towards continual improvement in our safety, health and environmental performance.

●   Ensure compliance with regulation and statutory requirements to provide a safe, healthy and environmental friendly work environment to our staff.

●   Ensure all staff are aware of the Company Policy.  We shall regularly review and audit the compliance with this Policy to ensure its suitability and effectiveness.

Contact Information

For further information or general details regarding our scope of activities, please contact our

Hong Kong :

Mr. C.S. Lam,Ms. Rita Ng or Mr. Kenji Li

Telephone number: (852) 2740 9315 or Fax number: (852) 2332 4587.

Subsidiary Macau:

Telephone number: (853) 2884 1942



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